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  • Basket of organic root vegetables grown using seaweed extract
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Shropshire Seaweed Growth Enhancer

Liquid Seaweed Extract for Plants and Lawns

Packed with a wide array of growth hormones, amino acids and beneficial carbohydrates, Ascophyllum Nodosum ("knotted wrack") - a seaweed native to the North Atlantic - is one of the most powerful and versatile organic plant fertilizers and conditioners on the planet. Indeed, its highly nutritious character has made it a staple of British coastal agriculture for hundreds of years.

Now Shropshire Seaweed Growth Enhancer is bringing this traditional natural resource to gardeners up and down the country. Our liquid seaweed extract delivers outstanding results in terms of increased flower and fruit yields and stronger, healthier plants and lawns; and because it is free of chemical supplements and preservatives, it remains true to the organic heritage of British seaweed cultivation.

"Our plants seem to be thriving on it!" Wendy, Wiltshire "This product should be part of every gardener's toolkit!" Ian, Lanarkshire "Ordered on a friend's recommendation!" June, Gateshead

  • Accelerates growth

    Betaines and cytokinins, the biologically active compounds within the Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed, act like all-natural 'plant steroids', helping to increase the size and yields of plants. As a result, regular application encourages the production of juicier fruits, larger flowers and fuller shrubs. It also helps to accelerate the growth of grass.

  • Improves health

    Ascophyllum Nodosum is a natural source of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, along with a range of valuable micronutrients. What is more, the product also stimulates soil bacteria to release nutrients that have previously been unavailable in the soil. These elements help to improve the general health of plants, making them less prone to fungal, nematode and insect infestations, whilst also increasing their tolerance of drought and frost.

  • Enhances appearance

    Plants treated with Ascophyllum Nodosum are visibly greener than those around them. Biologically active compounds within the seaweed extract increase the chlorophyll levels of plants, making them much more vibrant in appearance. What is more, this extra pigment allows them to make much better use of the sunlight they receive, which in turn helps to make them stronger and healthier.

  • Aids water retention

    Natural surfactants or 'wetting agents' contained within Ascophyllum Nodosum help to retain large amounts of water in the top soil. Plants are then able to draw on this source of moisture when required, which can be of great benefit in warm weather. All this makes the product an excellent additive in arid climates, in times of drought or when a hose pipe ban is in force.

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  • Completely versatile

    Our seaweed fertilizer's biggest advantage is its versatility. Traditionally used in the growth of vegetables (Jersey potatoes have always been grown in seaweed), Ascophyllum Nodosum has since become prominent amongst groundsmen, horticulturalists and allotmenteers to name just a few. Its ability to promote growth and improve health in all plants makes it a must-have, cost-effective addition to every grower's toolkit.

  • Impeccably organic

    Shropshire Seaweed Growth Enhancer has been approved for use by Organic Farmers and Growers, the most strigent organic test in the UK. Amazingly, many rival seaweed fertilizers do not qualify for this award as they actually contain hidden chemical additives and preservatives. By contrast, our product contains nothing but seaweed extract, making it truly organic and totally faithful to the traditional hertitage of British seaweed cultivation.

  • Super concentrated

    Shropshire Seaweed has a general dilution rate of 1:500, making it the most concentrated, and best value for money, liquid seaweed fertilizer on the market. (Other products typically dilute between 1:50 and 1:300.) What is more, we also apply a double filtration process to remove clumpy solids, which can block up spraying systems, leaving you with a concentrated Ascophyllum Nodosum extract, ready for your plant to use straightaway.

  • Sustainably produced

    The Shropshire Seaweed Company only uses plants that have been harvested in a sustainable manner. In so doing, we hope that the amazing benefits of the Ascophyllum Nodosom seaweed, which has been utilised in British coastal agriculture for hundreds of years, can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Certification and Further Info

Product approved for use in organic systems by Organic Farmers and Growers

Material Safety Data Sheet

Application Rates for Shropshire Seaweed Growth Enhancer

  • General
  • Flowers
  • Vegetables/Chillies
  • Fruit
  • Shrubs/Bushes
  • Seeds/Seedlings
  • Grass

Bright pink and red flowers

Shropshire Seaweed Growth Enhancer is an incredibly versatile liquid seaweed fertilizer; and because it is also highly concentrated, you will find that one bottle will go an awful long way. In fact, by mixing just 10ml (one capful) of Shropshire Seaweed with 5 litres of water (one watering can) you will produce a powerful plant food that can be used every 7 to 14 days on your flowers, vegetables and lawn alike.

If you follow this basic rule, you can't really go wrong; however, we have produced some more detailed application notes for specific uses.

Field of bright red tulips

Shropshire Seawed is an ideal feed for promoting growth, conditioning and enhancing the appearance of flowers, whether they're annuals, biennials or perennials.

When planting out, dip the flowers' roots in a seaweed-water solution of approximately 1:500 in concentration.

During the growing season, mix 10ml of Shropshire Seaweed with 5l of water and apply as foliar spray every 10 days.

Basket of organic root vegetables

Seaweed extract has been used to aid the growing of vegetables for hundreds of years. Recently it has become the feed of choice amongst organic gardeners and grow-your-own enthusiasts.

As a general rule, the seedlings of garden vegetables, chillies, herbs and salad crops should be dipped in a dilute solution of Shropshire Seaweed (1:500) prior to planting.

After the seedlings have been planted, mix 10ml of Shropshire Seaweed with 5l of water and apply every 14 days as a foliar spray. For herbs and salad crops, use the same solution but increase the frequency to every 10 days.

Selection of fresh strawberries and raspberries grown with seaweed fertilizer

Seaweed extract is an ideal feed for strawberries, raspberries, apples, pears and other common garden fruits.

Mix 50ml of Shropshire Seaweed with 10l of water and apply directly to the foliage every 7 days throughout the growing season.

Green hedge and bush

Organic liquid seaweed fertilizer is renowned for its ability to rejuvenate box hedges and shrubs following winter. Mix approximately 15ml of Shropshire Seaweed Growth Enhancer with 5 litres of water and spray directly onto the plant's leaves as a foliar feed. Keep up this level of treatment once a week throughout the summer months.

Fresh seedling breaking through the dirt

Liquid seaweed fertilizer is very good at promoting germination in new seeds. However, we recommend you use only a very weak concentration in this context - overstimulating seeds can be counterproductive. Place your seeds in a seaweed-water solution (1:1000) and leave to soak for around twelve hours. When you remove the seeds, make sure you sow them immediately. For seedlings, the concentration of seaweed can be increased to 1:500. Dip the roots in the solution prior to transplanting. Thereafter, when water is required, use this same solution as a root drench.

Lush green grass treated with seaweed extract

Liquid seaweed extract should be applied to turfs and grasses as a foliar spray.

For general maintenance, we recommend applying between 10 and 20 litres of Shropshire Seaweed for every hectare (between 4 and 8 litres per acre) to be treated. Dilute the prescribed dosage at a rate of between 10 and 50 parts with water and spray evenly across the area every four weeks all year round.

Note: Based on a typical garden lawn measuring 10m by 10m, the prescribed dosage of Shropshire Seaweed would be between 100ml and 200ml.

Where relaying is taking place or remedial work is required, 20 litres of Shropshire Seaweed should be applied per hectare (8 litres per acre) every two weeks for four consecutive applications, before switching to the above general maintenance programme.

For paddocks or grazing land, apply 5 litres of Shropshire Seaweed per hectare every four weeks.

  • Customer Feedback

    I grew these sweet peas from seed as they are one of my favourite flowers - but they are SO greedy. This year I gave them such a treat and fed them with Shropshire Seaweed Growth Enhancer. Despite the cold snap in May, which put back their growth, they were still flowering in November, much to the amazement of friends, visitors and passers-by in Hastings Old Town!

    Fleur Cornes, Shropshire Seaweed Grower of the Year 2012

  • Professional growers

    Customers are always asking me for advice on how to keep their roses looking at their best. For a general feed, I always recommend liquid seaweed fertilizer. It's easy to apply as a foliar spray and helps to improve the appearance of the plants in just a few days.

    Mary Jinks, Country Garden Roses, Hadnall Nr. Shrewsbury

  • New starters

    We're establishing a new garden this year, in soil that was less than vital. As I expected, the plantings didn't initially thrive, but this seaweed has been part of the cure. We've used it diluted as a feed, and also as a component in worm/compost tea, and the results have been remarkable.

    "HLT", Amazon User, Wales, Read More

  • Allotment champions

    I have only ever used organic feeds, but this is by far the most effective I've found. Last year saw my best ever results, despite the poor weather. I would strongly recommend Shropshire Seaweed to anyone who wants to give their vegetables an extra boost next summer.

    Ken Robinson, Telford Allotment Champion

  • Organic enthusiasts

    This is an excellent value, quality seaweed fertilizer. I try to be organic in my garden and on the allotment and this product fits in well. It certainly seems to have worked on my vegetables this year. I have used it on my courgettes and whilst all the plots around me are struggling to get their plants going, I have a glut!

    Sally, Amazon User, UK, Read More

  • Top groundsmen

    Since I applied this seaweed fertilizer, you can actually see the grass getting greener, day by day. Shropshire Seaweed is now my go-to treatment for the collection of award-winning bowling greens I manage across the West Midlands, including the Meole Brace green, home to the All-England Finals in 2011.

    Kevin Moult, KM Turfcare Specialists, Telford

  • Economical gardeners

    You see the difference within two treatments; all my plants are so much stronger for this product, healthy and bigger. There is so much more going on in this liquid seaweed; whether you're an organic gardener or not, this is the perfect product for great value for money results.

    "MentalMellor", Amazon User, UK, Read more

  • Initial sceptics

    Was a bit unsure of just how effective this plant food would be, but just a few days after feeding the plants they looked a lot healthier and really perked up, from now on I will use nothing else. Highly recommended.

    "Boshy", Amazon User, UK, Read More

  • Tomato Fans

    I used my Shropshire Seaweed Growth Enhancer on two things this season. Firstly, my outdoor tomatoes: despite the poor weather, it was my best ever crop. Secondly, I used the seaweed on my two new clematis plants, to encourage strong growth and to help get them through the winter. Again, it worked brilliantly, producing strong healthy plants. I’m more than happy to recommend this super product.

    John Clements, Grower of the Year 2012 Runner-Up

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